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Washington State child support laws are complicated. Our Kirkland divorce and family lawyers are here to help you understand your legal rights.  Under Washington State's support laws, both parents are required to provide support for their children.  And, with very few exceptions, such as a lack of employment, all child support calculations must be based on the Washington State Child Support Schedule.

The primary way in which child support is calculated is through each parent's income and then adding in any work-related day care expenses.  It may sound simple.  In practical application, however, it's not.  There are actually dozens of variables that can affect your child support calculation based on the child support schedules.

Child support cases are often complicated where one party is self-employed or works for a closely-held family business.  The same is true for parties where one or both spouses work on commission.  Other complicating factors include pension contributions, children with special needs, paying for school expenses and extracurricular activities, maintaining life insurance while the Order of Child Support is in effect.

Our Kirkland child support lawyers are here to make sure that your Washington State Order of Child Support is fair and accurate. 

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