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For many of our King County divorce and family law clients, nothing is more important than the health and well being of their children.  We understand.  When parents divorce, kids are often the most unintended victims.  Divorce can be difficult and traumatic for children, especially during the initial separation and the six to twelve months thereafter.  That's why it's important to work with child custody lawyer who can tailor your Parenting Plan to fit the true best interests of your children.

We are Washington State child custody attorneys, and we serve all of King County, as well as the Greater Puget Sound Region.  Our Kirkland child custody attorneys are aggressive and pragmatic.  We also work with a number of other professionals across all child development levels on an as needed basis.  In some cases, they can help us assess what is in the best interests of your children not only today, but years down the road.

We begin every case involving child custody by listening very carefully to our client.  We then help them prioritize their hopes and goals.  Most successful divorce cases start from day one and build upon a solid strategy that is specifically tailored to each clients unique needs and personal priorities. 

This is never more true than in difficult custody cases.  Every child custody case is unique,.  We work hard with our clients to develop a parenting plan that is truly best for their kids.  And, if the other side simply wants to play games, we will not hesitate to take them to court.  In complex cases, most judges and commissioners will also want a Guardian Ad Litem or a Parenting Evaluator appointed to advise the court

We handle all King County child custody and family law cases.  If you live in Kirkland, Washington, your family law case will be filed and heard in the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle.  Children are often the unintended victims when you and your spouse first separate and then later divorce.  Our job is to protect you and your family.  We also work with a number of outside professionals and independent experts on an as needed basis.

Divorce is often traumatic for kids.  We can help ease the transition.

Whether your custody case is simple and agreed, or whether it involves significant conflict, our team of family law professionals has the experienced to ensure that your case is properly handled.  We know that nothing is more important than your children.  And, if your spouse cannot focus on what is truly in their best interests, we will do everything legally possible to protect your kids and ensure that an appropriate parenting plan is entered.

Our Kirkland divorce lawyers are dedicated and skilled trial attorneys.  In our experience most child custody issues, such as crafting a parenting plan, are best left to the parties if they can effectively communicate and work together.  After all, no one knows your kids better than you and your spouse.  You are their parents and know them better than anyone.

If this is not possible, however, our attorneys will not hesitate to utilize the courts whenever necessary.  We offer a free initial consultation to all potential clients, and we encourage you to take advantage of this offer.  In our experience, more knowledge is always better.

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